I fell in love with the arts and lettering at a young age (before I even knew what lettering and calligraphy were!) I loved forming the letters, perfecting every curve, and practicing various fonts and styles. I even decorated my childhood bedroom with a hand painted border of motivational words in different fonts!

Once I got older and as my friends were getting married, I would practically beg to address their envelopes and place cards. I addressed my sister's Christmas cards year after year, and convinced my mom to start sending holiday cards just so I could write out the envelopes. Something that was everyone else's least favorite thing to do, was something I deeply enjoyed.

After several years of working an amazing 9-5 job (BBBS), I found myself drawn more and more to becoming a creative entrepreneur and following this dream that was somewhere inside of me all along. Before I knew it, I was sitting in a 2 hour dip-pen calligraphy course with my eyes heart-eyed the entire time... and well, my friends, here we are! With the encouragement of my friends and family... Spark Wander Shop was born. 

I love that words have the power to bring love, joy, relief, happy tears, laughter, and inspiration to us in so many ways. My wish is to bring those words to life and create something special & memorable for you. Maybe it's for your wedding or special event, a meaningful gift, a home decor item, or thank you cards to clients. Whatever it may be, my promise to you is that I will always put love and detail into every piece and it will always come from my heart.

Do you see anything that sparks your interest? Would you like something customized for you? Or maybe you'd like to just say hi! Drop me a line here and let's get the conversation started.


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